May 05, 2010

Day 6

Well the nuttiness in the seas will just not go away. We now have several forecasts that call for diminishing seas the rest of the week.... lets see. We have a running joke now, every time Rae goes down to make a meal the winds and seas pick up making it very miserable for her.

Our watch schedule has settled so that during the day the watches are just informally shared, with Rae preferring the cockpit anyway so taking the majority of the watches. Rae then takes the 8-Midnight watch and I take from midnight until everyone is up, some time around 7am or so.

I take all of the navigation, communication (we have two radio nets with other boats each day) and sailing responsibilities. Rae takes galley and primary responsibility for the kids. We jointly make all sail changes of which there have been many this trip so far. The kids take responsibility for cleaning the squid and flying fish off the deck (6 this morning) and of course playing.

The Bumpy & Grumpy Crew of Nikita.

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