May 20, 2010

Butchers Bill

A term used by the British to describe casualties after a battle at sea. While those types of casualties are fortunately rare occurrences now, the sea does take a toll on the boats.

Nikita lost a spinnaker block, which also destroyed the sheet, the tachometer failed, and the spinnaker attachments both top and bottom are partially broken and in need of attention.

Other boats fared better, and some worse. The list includes; a lost propeller, a fuel tank that chafed through from the motion and dumped all the diesel into the bilge, a broken shackle on a genoa letting it fall into the water, transmission with water ingress, failed impellers.

We stayed close to the boat with the fuel tank issue to assist if needed. As it turns out they made harbor without issue, but have no way to service the tank until Tahiti. We are not sure how the propeller issue has been addressed as that boat is still some days out, but sea conditions were much to rough to try to attach the spare.

This by the way is just the eight boats that left with us.

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