May 14, 2010

Day 15

Oh what a difference. Winds and seas have been light and from behind us.... finally a beautiful trade wind sailing day. We did little other than enjoy it. We are less than 500 miles from the Marqueses, shooting for arriving at Fatu Hiva. Of the 8 boats we left with, one we are very close to, about 30 miles, which is quite amazing after 2400 miles. However, this boat has a problem with their diesel fuel so we are going to stay close and help them into the anchorage if necessary.

We think we should have some nice sailing the last few days of our trip as the weather outlook is pretty good.

Now bring on the rum and those island girls, we are ready for landfall.

The Excited Crew of Nikita

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Rapscallion II said...

Hey Dave and Rae Ann,
Glad you got a break in the weather finally. We are excited for you but we were not to envious this last week with the weather you were having. Tell the kids we said hi. We are following you trip from New Bern NC.
Rapscallion II
Dennis & Trudy