April 26, 2010

The Penguins of Isabella

We moved over to Isabella on Friday. The anchorage is a tiny nook on the south coast, facing the prevailing seas and winds. However, you thread your way in between several volcanic out croppings ending a fairly well protected spot.

In addition to the normal (Galapagos normal that is) parade of wildlife, sea lions, turtles, giant tortoises, booby's we now get to see penguins. They swim around the anchorage seemingly never going less than 100 miles an hour. Very fun.

We took a long panga ride today out to an area where you can get in behind the surf and wander via boat and foot in labyrinth of volcanic flows, with tunnels, arches and pools. Very remote, rugged and beautiful.

Hmmm, now there are no more islands to the west of us until French Polynesia, 3000 miles, 25 days of sailing. We are slightly anxious to say the least having a great deal of respect for the usefulness of a 5 day weather forecast.... We have listened in on the various SSB nets that keep cruisers in touch and the conditions have been a bit variable with periods of higher winds and seas as well as more southerly winds than normal. I suspect hang over from El Nino. We expect to depart within the week, there seems to be a large group of boats getting ready to leave about Thursday.

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DSSV said...

Good to hear you are having so much fun. I am glad you can send frequent updates to the blog so we can rest easy knowing you are safe and sound. We are heading south to our batch of French islands in the next couple of days. That trip will take us a total of 5 or 6....... hours, that is. Love to everyone!