April 15, 2010


We arrived at 9:00 am in the Galapagos, anchored in Wreck Bay, San Cristobal Island. Overall the passage was average. Too much of headwinds and motoring at slow speeds. But alas it did work out.

We have been ashore poking around. The sea lions are everywhere. There is a slide into the ocean where kids can play with the sea lions, obviously high on the must do list for Jake and Isabelle. Cruisers from all over the world - some make their first trip out and a guy I met today who has been out for 10 years, and now on his third time through the South Pacific.

If I had to do this leg again, and I think our experience was about the norm,clearly taking the much longer route, way to the south to begin with (think 3.00S) and then sailing WNW with the prevailing winds aft of the beam and current favorable. It would though probably double the sailing miles and thus trip, but make it more enjoyable.

Now where is my tortoise soup I have heard so much about?

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DSSV said...

Well needless to say I am proud of all of you. You are in the big leagues now and I think you need to get an ear ring Dave. I would suggest something modest to start and when you cross the international date line you can move up to large hoops! Anyhow, a big hug to the really brave members of your family. Rae Ann, Isabelle and of course the junior skipper, Big Jake!
Fairwinds to you!