April 12, 2010

Day 5

Ok first apologies for repeating Day 3, there really was a Day 4.

A few hours ago this would have been a much different missive, as we fought 20 knot winds and 10 foots seas, heeled at 30 degrees. Now the winds are of course gone and the seas slowly dying out. The kids had been a little on edge the first few days and I was expecting the worst when they got up this morning. But.... they had a great day playing down below, making up new games etc. While Rae and I curled up in the most cozy corners and hung on for dear life.

I am not sure what makes this passage so difficult, but pretty universally everyone runs into the nasty weather, which of course was not forecast by any of the three weather services we use. Well touch wood we are on the other side and looking at a favorable forecast the rest of the way in.

On the bad news side, I noticed a small (very small) weep of oil, seemingly from the drain plug, which has never been touched I pump the oil out of the engine via the dip stick tube. At the moment it is nothing but something to monitor, but I do not have a fix if it gets worse.....

Position 1.51N, 85.27W
Motoring at 5 knots course 238.

The Salt Encrusted Crew of Nikita

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