April 03, 2009

Caja de Muertos

This past week has been very interesting and frankly productive. We came into Ponce, the second largest city in Puerto Rico. The anchorage is deep but well protected. We had to run our two anchors in series to get good holding. We used Ponce as a base to re-provision, which went very well with good grocery and hardware stores. We also took a day to tour the rain forest, which was very cool, with some nice hikes to waterfalls which all enjoyed.

We left Ponce for Caja De Muertos - Coffin Island - so named for its appearance of a person laying with arms crossed over their chest. The island is a park with a hiking trail up to a defunct light house. The water is stunningly clear with a nice beach to enjoy it from. The anchorage is good in sand but with a slight roll as we are much more exposed to the ocean swells.

We will continue to take advantage of the excellent weather (light winds and seas) and continue east toward the Virgin Islands. We were able to find a home for the old dinghy with another cruiser, which was a relief to get it out of the way from a storage stand point. No decision yet on the new outboard, but prices and availability have been researched.

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