April 19, 2009

Now We Go Fast

We left Culebrita on Friday morning for the trip to the USVI, goal St. John, about 30 miles. Well we got out in the Virgin Passage between Culberita and St. Thomas and got all shaken up by opposing winds, seas and currents. Not alot of fun but only about an hours worth of discomfort. However, it was long enough for Isabelle to get sick. So as we came closer to St. Thomas I asked if she wanted to stop and get a new outboard engine, something we have been talking about as our 5hp is just over matched now. She said yes that would make her feel better. So we detoured to Crown Bay, anchoring up against the west side of Water Island. We are now the proud owners of a 15hp Yamaha, and boy do we go fast. Jake gets a concerned look on his face and says "he worries about stuff flying out of the dinghy"... probably him. Isabelle holds on to the painter and laughs the entire time, only wanting to go faster.

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