March 30, 2009

La Parguera

We continue our march east in March. All told we will have done 350 miles of motor sailing from Luperon in the Dom Rep to arrive in the Virgins Islands, where we will have a chance to sail again.

We give high marks to Puerto Rico thus far. We spent a few days in Boqueron before moving around the corner to the south coast stopping at La Paguera. La Paguera has a great anchorage in among the mangroves, with beautiful snorkeling offshore, great mangrove creeks to explore via dinghy and a nice town. There is a little mangrove island just offshore from the anchorage that is split into thirds by two narrow and shallow waterways, both perfect for snorkeling, especially for children. Jake and Isabelle really enjoyed snorkeling through there checking out all of the marine life.

We could have spent even more time than the 4 days we did there relaxing and getting back into cruising mode.
Alas Gilligan's island beckoned a mere 12 miles down the coast. The only connection to the TV show is a similar appearance on shore, which we can confirm does have some similarity with neat lagoons surrounding the island.

The big big news, we acquired a new dinghy. A 9 foot hard bottom Caribe. Very cool, though expensive and always on the foredeck when making passages, even short ones. Though our 5hp engine now is a little light....hmmm it could be very expensive in Puerto Rico!

We will continue to coastal hop in Puerto Rico, which is best done in the early morning hours (4am - 8am) before the trades come back in full force. Fortunately the next harbor is always close at hand. We have some re-provisioning to do in the next couple of towns and then off to the Spanish Virgin Islands, likely by the weekend if all goes well.

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