March 23, 2009

Puerto Rico

Well we have left Luperon arriving in Puerto Rico after about 1 week of pounding winds and seas. The trip down the north DR coast and the crossing of the Mona Passage are held to be the most difficult legs of the thorny path to the Caribbean Islands. The trip lived up to its reputation, though we did have relatively good conditions, the reality is that it is dead to windward against the trade winds, seas and currents. We saw as much as 10 foot seas, 20 knot head winds and 2.5 knot adverse currents. As much as possible we sailed at night stopping during the day, as the winds along the coast of the DR get suppressed in the evenings, which seemed to work. Others traveling at about the same time as us did more traveling during the day and did have worse conditions. Anyway, in Rae Ann's words "lets just get it over with". That we did and now we can island hop through the Caribbean.

Upon review I wish we would have spent less time in Luperon, which we found to be an average stop at best - no doubt great protected harbor but not alot else on offer - and spent more time in Samana, where there is a national park, a few more islands to see and more activity in the larger town.

We are now anchored in Boqueron a party town on the coast for college students on the weekend. Very friendly people, nice beach and pretty scenery. Weather permitting we will move slowly down the south coast during the week.

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