October 12, 2010

Whales Redux

Hmmm, well that blog post was a little early. No more than an hour later, we were off for a snorkel in the dinghy when we came across a female (mom) and baby humpback. They were playing a little, coming up out of the water, but as we approached began to swim. I jumped in the water but could not keep up with them and then they dived. We waited and they surfaced again, we moved closer and Jake and I got in and began to swim with the whales, this time they let us approach and the baby came over to our side to have a look. Rae Ann got in a bit later, though they were swimming away and got a good glimpse as well. We then proceeded to our snorkel spot......

After our snorkel we get back in the dinghy and all of sudden the mom is completely out of the water splashing down with a huge slap. The baby follows, they put on a 20 minute show of breaches and fluke waving before diving again.

We were still back in time for lunch.

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1 comment:

Tx_Paesan said...

Wow! I wonder if the kids will remember that ...for the rest of their lives!