October 19, 2010

Ha' Apai

We have spent the last week in the Ha' Apai group in Tonga. This group of islands lies between Vavau and Tongatapu, is lightly populated and rarely visited. There are numerous reefs and shoal areas with average charting of such. The anchorages are all exposed to one or more directions and the islands principally low lying atolls.

The snorkeling, beach combing, fishing and whale watching have all been superb. Last night we had whales in the harbor with us, swimming within 300 feet of the boat. Most of the anchorages we have shared with only one other boat and most of the anchorages have been off of uninhabited islands. The coral has been the most lively in memory with very little algae growth or other damage. The fish life has been good, with lots of pelagics and several reef fish, though the reef fish are heavily fished by the locals so tend to be on the smaller side.

Our next stop will take us to Tongatapu where we will stage for our trip to New Zealand.

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Jenn Smith said...

Better than Fakarava?

Phoenix said...

Better than workarava also. Been great following your trip to NZ from behind my desk. Miss traveling with you guys. Tell the kids hi from us.

Phoenix said...

Just in case your wondering, this posting listed our other boats name Phoenix, known to you as Rapscallion II. Stay safe.