September 25, 2010


We had a fairly easy 48 hour sail from American Samoa to the Vavau group in Tonga. We arrived in the middle of Regatta Week here, so immediately were thrown into the festivities including a kids day and a yacht race. Unfortunately, the pub crawl was the previous night, though there is a full moon party over the weekend.

We lost a day on the way here, basically getting very little of Thursday before crossing the date line. All the better as what little we had was pretty squally with a mean SSW swell to bash into - glad it was Friday three hours later.

The cruising fleet has basically split in two, with most of the Australian bound boats off towards Fiji and beyond, with many miles left to go. While the New Zealand bound boats are now in Tonga with one large passage left to complete by mid November or so, thus plenty of time to enjoy Tonga.

Isabelle has had trouble on the last two passages getting sea sick as we departed on both occasions. Each time she very pitifully asks to go home/buy a house.

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