September 03, 2010

Night Fishing

Still in Survarov, not sure when or if we ever want to leave. The other night we went out lobster hunting which requires a low tide, night and no moon. We had the perfect conditions and went out on the reef at about 30 minutes before sundown. After the sun set, with a green flash no less, we started to walk the 3 miles to where we could get picked up by the boats a taken back to the yacht anchorage.

Jake and I went, finding an octopus that eventually escaped by inking us, several eels, many small fish, crabs and birds. About an hour after nightfall the fun stuff came out, 3-4 pound parrot fish and grouper were then found sleeping just off the edge of the ocean under ledges in the reef. We used a hand spear, stood over them and with a swift down thrust got 7 fish. The lobster, though in similar areas, where much harder to find and we only caught one. Though others in a different part of the reef picked up several.

We finally met with the rest of the group (about 16 people in all went) after a long hike at about 10 pm and got back at about 11, still needing to clean the fish and lobster. A very fun and exhausting night.

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