June 11, 2010

Why are the Dangerous?

A valid question. The Tuamotus have never been accurately charted and as a result while we can have an accurate GPS position, the positions of the islands can be off by 2 miles or more on the chart. As the islands are really nothing more than coral atolls, the limited visibility means at best you can see them from only 5 miles or closer. The result is that over the years many commercial and pleasure yachts have been lost on these islands.

Today have been a very nice day though ultimately we lost our wind and thus are now motoring. The seas are very calm with a slight swell from the south. Jake won the family skipbo game, I claim distraction of slatting sails.

Position 11.17S 142.01W, motoring 220 degrees at 6 knots.

The Crew of Nikita

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