June 08, 2010

Nuku Hiva

We have spent most of our time in Daniels Bay, an idyllic spot where one enters seemingly running into sheer cliffs before the right side opens up into a gorge with a valley at its head. We took a 3 hour hike (one way) to a waterfall, which Rae Ann described as the best hike she has ever done. the water fall comes down at least 1000 feet into a great pool. The cliffs absolutely enclose the place such that there is no sun light that gets through except for a few minutes each day.

Last night we went to a traditional pig roast having helped during the day with the slaughter, cleaning and laying out of the pig in the coal fire. Covered with banana leaves and earth it was left for 6 hours to cook. About 30 people gathered for the feast with music a conversation. Great fun.

With that though we are coming to the end of our Marqueses interlude. The Tuamotus beckon, all 76 of them, lying roughly 450 miles or 5 days sail from here. We expect to leave tomorrow after finishing some last minute provisioning today.

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