March 03, 2010

Passage Recap

Overall we had a pretty good passage. This particular passage is somewhat notorious particularly when rounding the Colombian coast. We met head on currents and some messy waves in this area but nothing serious which apparently it can be very nasty.

Rae Ann did a great job of provisioning and pre-preparing food for the trip giving us meals for nearly 4 days without much preparation.

The kids did the best, though Isabelle was sick the one day, she slept it off in the cockpit and rallied. The last day with the boat really flying and rolling and bouncing, Jake wanted to know why we would not play cards with him down below because it was "flat". Jake asked as soon as we got up on Monday when our next trip was.

Having a third adult allowed a marvelous watch schedule. Bruce and I would switch every 4 hours, with Rae taking two 2 hour watches each day, allowing the watch schedule to shift and for Bruce and I to have to 6 hour rest periods each day. The extra pair of hands for the numerous sail changes made a big difference as well.

We sailed much faster than planned, the current being the biggest factor. Arriving anywhere at night is inadvisable, but in the reef infested area of the San Blas, a bit crazy, and many boats on the reefs attest to the folly. We had confirmed our charts to our pilot book and eventually were able to raise another vessel in the islands that confirmed the accuracy of what we thought we knew. We entered the most heavily traveled port (relative here as everyone goes about in dugout canoes), though this is unlighted and bordered by reefs. We went slow, and with several look outs, but we were also fortunate. We had tried slowing the boat down and heaving too, but neither worked to our satisfaction. I hope I never have to make the choice again.

The lone boat that answered our radio call Sunday night, came into our anchorage on Monday.... with three kids on board and Hallberg Rassy 46. Needless to say we are having a great time together.

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