March 21, 2010

Hello Pacific Ocean

Well we had a rather uneventful transit of the Panama Canal, just as one would want. We had a bit of fun with it, were rather hot and worked fairly hard, but came through unscathed. We are now anchored in the very rolly/bumpy anchorage of La Playita, which is where we will have to stay until visits from Rae Ann and my parents are over at the end of March. I am looking for an alternative.... anchorage that is.

On the way up the Gatun locks Saturday night we were rafted along side an old maxi yacht with a professional crew (term used here means that they were paid). They really had very little knowledge of what they were doing, but that did not stop them from issuing contradictory orders and shouting alot. The captain of the boat turned to me at one point and using his fingers to point at his eyes said "focus now focus on me". Well ok...

On Sunday we locked down rafted with other cruisers we knew and had a very nice time. Jake really enjoyed the changes in the water levels, while Isabelle wanted only to see one of the fresh water crocodiles. We did not see one, and apparently they are a protected species now as a result of hunting, so no surprise.

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ILARION said...

Hello Dave,

Hope you and your family are doing well.

Am following your cruise with interest, especially your Panama Canal transit!!

Please send me your e-mail address.

BeachBum Ilarion writing you from White Plains.

Thanks and Warm Regards

Thanks and Warm Regards,