September 28, 2009

Sharks and Wateralls

As we finished our annual maintenance items we have had more free time to play. We went on a hike to the Seven Sisters falls in Grenada, which was steep but well maintained and relatively easy for the kids, who immensely enjoyed the hike. The waterfall and pool at the end was the best we had been to yet, with cool refreshing swimming. One is suppose to be able to see monkeys on the hike, alas we were not so lucky. To get to the falls and back we took the local bus system, with a record for us anyway of 24 people in one 15 foot bus. Yes there was alot of lap sitting going on. This as we careened down the mountain at top speed.

We were also able to get out a do a little spear fishing, though with limited luck. The fish and lobster were all very small. I took a shot at one lobster expecting to have to let this one go as well. I was surprised as it fought vigorously nearly pulling the spear from my hands. I fought with him pushing back into the cave and trying to drive the spear tip deeper. Finally when I thought that I had the spear well buried I began to pull the lobster out. Well it still had significant fight left in him. As I got it closer to the edge of the cave I noticed that the spear tip was clean through the lobster into a grey mass, which turned out to be a 2 foot reef shark. I pulled both out wedging the shark on the coral so the spear exited. The shark gave me an annoyed look and swam off. And of course the lobster was too small so back it went. I think next time I am going to keep the shark.

Another cruiser hosted a dinghy float chili feed. All we had to do was show up and tie our dinghy off and he served chili, well prepared I might add. There were about 15 dinghies that attended all tied and floating together eating, drinking and eventually swimming and splashing. Good fun and kudos to the hosting cruiser, very brave to offer free food to a bunch of poor boat people.

Isabelle has fully taken to swimming without a life jacket, even diving under water and looking around. She is very proud.

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