June 23, 2009

The Most Beautiful Spot

We are in St. Lucia at the Pitons. We had spent 4 days in Rodney Bay on the northern end before moving down to the Pitons. Rodney Bay is a great anchorage with beach, some hiking in the park hosting the restored British fort on Pigeon Island, and way too many boating services. The last item caught our attention resulting in the addition of some LED lighting (a great investment as it reduces electricity consumption by 90%) and a Honda generator. Several other cruisers swear by the Honda's as a means of generating electricity efficiently. Unfortunately with our wind/water generator out of commission again, though the winds are fluky enough in the anchorages to mute it anyway, we were using our main engine too much to charge the batteries. So it was happy fathers day....

The Pitons rise 2,500 feet straight out of the water. Petite Piton, because it is skinny, to the north and Gros Piton to the south book end a small indentation on the coast. A marine park was established here many years ago with conservation responsibilities, the upside being they maintain moorings thus simplifying the anchoring in the limitless depths. There is a small but perfect beach at the base of Petite Piton and good snorkeling all along the coast line between the Pitons. In the evenings the stars seem to rise out of the Pitons as everything goes perfectly still. A very magical place that is difficult to capture in words or even pictures.

Looks like we have some nasty weather for the rest of the week so we will be staying put in the Pitons.

I promised not to blog this, so I will. When we were on Pigeon Island visiting the British fort we landed our dinghy at a park dock. As we were getting set to leave, Jake after having removed his shoes, went to the other side of the dock. Isabelle suddenly gasped "jaaake" Rae and I turned our heads not seeing him, then he let out a small cry for help. Rae rushed over and plucked him out of the water on the other side of the dock. He was wet head to toe, and a little scared, though with his swimming abilities now, in no real danger. He later explained that he was trying to wash his feet off.... well I guess they were clean as well.

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