June 07, 2009

The Cake

We have spent the past week exploring Guadaloupe. We spent the first few days in a fishing village, Deshaies, and then moved down to the Saints, where we are currently. We had the chance to visit an amazing botanical garden, hike to some great black sand beaches and do some very nice snorkeling. We have also become addicted to French pastries in the morning along with a baguette for afternoon consumption.

Guadaloupe as a French territory, is rather relaxed about the customs process. In Deshaies it was four days before the customs office was open. A bit annoying in that I would stop by (a short walk) to see every few hours, until Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 when suddenly four officers were in. Unfortunately the rest of the islands in the Caribbean are a bit stricter so one needs to keep the trail of check in's and check outs up to date and realistic otherwise suspicions will be elevated.

Jake finished home schooling, his kindergarten program. We are very proud of him as well Rae Ann for her diligence and effort. Rae Ann baked a cake to celebrate. It was a rather rainy squally day so everyone was in their own corner reading or playing. We were then hit by a sudden squall with a blast of wind, the boat heeled over and something crashed. Neither Rae or I could determine what had caused the crash. A while later Rae went to frost the cake and could not find it. She started accusing me... of course. She looked high and low, once lifting a pillow in our cabin, another time opening a cupboard which was about a third of the size of the cake. Still reading I helpfully suggested that it would not fit in that cupboard. Rae became frantic as the search dragged to the 10 minute mark. Saying "I can smell it but cannot see it", she looked behind the stove and sure enough that was the crash, the cake had slid off the counter behind the stove. For everyone except Rae Ann this was an enjoyable event.

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