October 06, 2008

It Stinks Here

We anchored in the Reedville area, known for its menhaden industry (a fish, I think the spelling is correct). The anchorage was a typical Chesapeake anchorage; shallow creek, mud bottom with good holding, well protected from wind and wave. We went to sleep under a beautiful starry sky. We awoke at 6:00 am, Rae Ann says "why does it smell like dog food?", well the winds had shifted to easterly and were blowing the aerial discharge of the fish processing plant right over our anchorage - so plans to hang out a couple of days became a mad rush to sail farther down the bay.

Backing up a bit. We left Annapolis and sailed to the eastern side of the bay, visiting St. Micheal's for a couple of days. A very nice town famous for its resistance to the British during the battle for independence, its most notable landmark being a still standing house that took a cannon ball through its roof that rolled down the stairs and out the front door. Today the house is aptly named "Cannon Ball House" least anyone be confused.

After St. Micheal's it was the aforementioned Reedville thus leading a speedy departure to Solomons Island. Solomons is a boating mecca a great stop. From Solomons we found are way to Deltaville, yet another boating mecca and where we hang out currently. We are meeting more and more cruisers as everyone begins to funnel towards the ICW ahead of any possibility of cold weather.

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