September 30, 2008

The Baltimore Washington D.C. Corridor

We have spent the last week and half visiting Baltimore, Annapolis and Washington D.C., the latter by car. Baltimore was a neat stop as one is able to anchor right in the middle of downtown as the channel dead ends there. We visited the National Aquarium there, enjoying the Amazon exhibit which took us back to our days in Brazil. We then proceeded to Annapolis, with a short stop in the Magothy river. Annapolis is truly a boaters dream. It is part college town due to the Naval Academy, meaning lots of places to eat and drink, combined with a huge selection of marine services. While we were in Annapolis we rented a car and drove to Washington D.C. for two days, taking in the Natural History and Air and Space Museum and walking all of the Mall as well as to the White House. I attempted to lend my counsel as to the since failed 700 billion bail out plan, but was rebuffed at the gates.

It has been a bit surreal to watch from afar as the financial debacle unfolds, afar simply because we cannot get access to updated information as often, so we can go several days which can seem like a lifetime in the current fast moving environment. We have also been lucky with one of our banks, Washington Mutual, in the middle of it all, but thankfully rescued.

We are enjoying the Chesapeake, although it is a little shallow so we are constantly on watch when going in and our of the various harbors. We will probably spend another two weeks or so in the bay before going to the ICW.

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