July 24, 2010

Beautiful Moorea

We have been anchored in Oponohu bay Moorea for the past several days. The bay use to be home to a large Maori village, the ruins of which are preserved in the higher parts of the valley. We took a long hike one day, about 6 miles round trip which earned the ire of the crew towards the captain. However, the views and the forest, particularly all of the different tree types including pines, banyans and some sort of canopy tree that looked like it would be at home in Africa.

Yesterday we took the dinghy down to the western corner of the island where there are a couple of motus and an area where you can snorkel with sting rays and sharks. The sting rays come right up to you, attempting to brush against you in a search for food.

We have caught up a couple of boat projects, including repairing the wind generator and replacing the foot switches for the anchor windlass. Jake has completed first grade to school is in summer break mode for a while.

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Geoff and Pat Craigen said...

Our Pacific friends are still on our radar. We like short, succinct blogs, after all we're leading a busy life here watching the varnish dry.
Special congratulations to Jake on completeing grade one.
And a special hello to Isabelle too.
Beach House

Anonymous said...