January 29, 2010

Midnight Run

We were comfortably enjoying the Hawksnest anchorage on St. John Island. A northerly flow set up as predicted but other than some chop, no issues. Then at sundown the wind died. Then a couple of hours later the roll started. How the waves found there way in there I have no idea, and they probably never will again. It got crazy, the final straw was when the binoculars got launched out of the cockpit into the salon. At that point it was safer to leave the anchorage, taking our chances with all the mooring balls, fish traps and the large reef just offshore from the anchorage. We threw off the mooring lines, tied the dinghy as well as we could and went slow at about 3 knots trying best to spot all the obstacles. we moved around the corner to the Francis bay area, a trip of about 3 miles, but then we were in a calm anchorage again, collapsing into our bunks for the night.

We are now anchored in Charlotte Amalie, watching the massive cruise ships come and go. The largest in the world, the Oasis of the Seas, a mere 220 feet TALL, 180 Feet Wide and who knows how long. It has only about 3 ports it can enter in the Caribbean because of its size.

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