December 08, 2009


We have been enjoying Antigua, one of the few islands in the Caribbean that has several different good anchorages which allow a near circumnavigation of the island while stopping every few miles. We are currently in Jolly Harbor having been in English, Falmouth and Green Island. Green Island was fun as it is protected by a barrier reef and has very little development. There are quite a few reefs in the area, that netted two boats while we were there, that we assisted off. One of the boats that got stuck on the reef as a charter boat. The captain of the charter boat had the engine in full throttle forward for about 45 minutes as he was trying to get off. Word to the wise never buy a used charter boat.

We plan on staying around Antigua through the holidays. A very festive atmosphere with all of the large mega yachts moving around, many of which are about 5 times larger than us.

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