October 26, 2009


It has been a relaxing week in Bequia. We have got to do some very nice snorkeling, seeing many small and unusual fish but nothing big (read edible). We did see 4 eels and an octopus near Petite Nevis which was fun. Jake and Isabelle discovered a beach with caves along the rock cliff, so that is nearly a daily routine now. Bequia is a nice stop from a cruising standpoint with a very protected anchorage, lots of services, food, beverages and generally just very hospitable to boat people.

This is a big week with Jake's 6th birthday on the 27th. He is very excited. Isabelle announced that she would like a baby sister for her birthday, unfortunately with that only 3 weeks away we probably will not deliver. Fortunately Jake is focused on his fishing pole, which I have stashed on board so at least there we will deliver.

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