February 15, 2009

Out of Clarence Town

The weather turned quite nice on Thursday with a good forecast through Monday. We let the seas calm down and left on Friday for Atwood harbor on Aklins Island. We plan to push on to the Turks & Caicos later today.

So three weeks in Clarence town was a little longer than necessary, however, there were many highlights: cliff jumping into the blue hole, a cave tour with lots of bats to scare the kids, great spear fishing in the harbor, a very accommodating bar, Rowdy Boys, which let the kids use their pool, great friends made among the many cruising boats stranded, the farmers market for fresh produce. Overall Long Island is quite diverse and the only island we had been in that was not solely dedicated to the tourist trade. The people were very friendly, open and helpful. So as time wears away the memory of feeling a little stuck, all will be remember quite fondly.

Atwood harbor is a complete uninhabited crescent indentation on the north coast of Aklins. The bay is absolutely pristine, with a barrier coral reef that yielded a monster lobster for dinner. Other than its lack of protection from anything northerly this could be a harbor one spent much time in. Alas by Monday night we will have strong northerlies so we have to be pushing on. Our choice was to stop in Mayangua, the last island in the Bahamas chain or go straight to the T&C. Given the extremely comfortable sailing conditions we have elected to go to the T&C, so within the next 12 hours will be departing after nearly 3 months in the Bahamas, seems like a long time, but we left dozens of places unexplored.

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